Best Time to Buy Computer Parts 2020 – Easy Guide

Best Time to buy computer Parts
Best Time to buy computer Parts

You want to know the best time to buy computer parts. There is a time when computer deals are on a very budget. Intel cuts its prices every mid-January, April, July, and October. AMD gracefully drops prices when launches new products. Whether buying a new Workstation or upgrading an old computer, big sales days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday are always pleasant to consumers.

Finding the best computer parts is tricky. This is not to say that the best time to buy a TV is around the Super Bowl. However, you can follow some tips to help you find the best price.

Honestly, there are a few different factors to consider to provide you with a complete answer to this question. They are.

  1. Are there big sales days coming up?
  2. Is there a new release (new CPU/GPU architecture)?
  3. Can you even wait long enough to buy your parts?

A good time doesn’t make buying or building a PC cheaper, but if you have the patience to buy a deal instead of buying all the parts at once, it can at least close the gap.

Best Time to buy computer Parts (Holiday Buyers Black Friday Sales)


Most major computer retailers and large online stores will run Black Friday specials and discounts on selected items.  Maybe more extensive than you found earlier this year. But unlike other retail stores, there are almost always some items on sale in November and December, sometimes starting on November 1.

Sales usually don’t end at Christmas. Retailers know that many people get cash or gift cards as gifts, so they often sell between Christmas and New Year to receive the money as soon as possible. The Best Time to buy computer Parts

Back-to-School Special Deals

Late August may be a good time to buy components because the computer store is trying to attract students who need to go to school. Some states will implement tax-free weekends are the Best Time for computer upgrades, and they will suspend state sales taxes on certain items on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Computer components are usually eligible.

Best Buy computer Parts

It is the best Time to buy second-hand computer parts. Looked earlier this week. I speak on Monday. Large dealers tend to list their merchandise on Sunday or Monday, and the best deals are quickly sold out.

Therefore, the best option for the best deal is often Monday or Tuesday. The best deal was sold out before Wednesday.

Since these things are not exceedingly rare, there may be more next week. So if it’s Thursday or Friday, go shopping everywhere, but don’t make any final purchase decisions until you see what happened on Monday. Please note the price you found this weekend. When you find a better deal, be prepared to break it.

The savings of inexpensive components can be considerable. Conservatively, when I check prices on Mondays and Fridays, I can easily find myself spending $25 on Friday to buy something I can find $15 earlier this week. It doesn’t scale linearly, so don’t expect a $200 SSD to be sold for $120 on Monday. But $180 or even $175 is possible. When you build your budget system, you can save $10.

Best Time to Buy Intel CPU’S

Best Time to buy computer Parts

Intel cuts prices every quarter year. This means the best time to buy computer parts is the arrival of new technology. Especially for Intel’s products early to mid-January, April, July, October.  The worst Time to buy an Intel CPU is usually the March, June, September, and December. Because the new year comes with new products and that’s why it is the waiting period.

How to Change NAT Type PC

The highest price cuts occur on high-end CPUs. The low-end CPU may slightly adjust the price, or stop using the somewhat faster chip at the same price.

AMD’s approach usually follows Intel. Depending on what it thinks needs to be done, AMD sometimes follows Intel or tries to get out of Intel for a while and lower prices as early as possible.

Best Computer Parts New

There is no guarantee of the Best Time to buy other parts, but like all other consumer products, you can follow a specific pattern. How to change NAT type pc

Playing the Waiting Game

Sometimes, when I build a PC, I will complete it in a few months, buy any components that are being sold and check them out of my list, and gradually complete the PC.

I might start buying components in the summer and gradually complete the PC before the end of the year.

This requires you to postpone some satisfaction because you built a computer in a few months. If you don’t have a motherboard and CPU to make, all you have is a bunch of parts.

Once I have a motherboard and CPU, I might use older parts and replace them because I can buy newer and better features.

To this end, I will compile a list of the parts I need, including any brand preferences. I will also continue to check the price so that I will know what these items usually sell. Then, when I get the parts, I will look at them from my list.

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