10 Best California Lifeline Cell Phone Providers 2023

The Lifeline free cell phone service expanding in California states and people receive new cell phones through a variety of companies. However, the prioritized best California Lifeline cell phone providers are Assurance Wireless, SafetyNet Wireless, enTouch Wireless, and Access Wireless. All these and others are part of the Universal Services Funded services for giveaway free phones to eligible residents in California state.

It is saying not many free phone providers are available in California, unlike other states in America, but now things have changed and the government subsidizes more and more offers in California for people’s welfare.

We have compiles a list of the best California Lifeline cell phone providers that are contracted by the Federal Government for the service of the low-income program that delivers free government phones to those who can’t afford it.

These Lifeline service operators offer both contracts and noncontract cell phones along with monthly services with no down payments and no credit check. It makes users choose to stay on one the line.

It is unlike other providers who offer to switch to another, doing so will without sabotaging the offers. The free government phone services are inexpensive and only viable for eligible persons who participate in the program with insufficient income that is below the regulated poverty line.

Best California Lifeline Cell Phone Providers

Best California Lifeline Cell Phone Providers

The following are the 8 best California Lifeline cell phone, providers. They are merged with the government policies to provide subsidies to the people qualifying for Californian Lifeline. To make sure you are eligible for the Lifeline Assistance programs visit each service provider for eligibility criteria and requirements as they differ from each provider. Services that offer participants free phones are also involved in other funding for loans and monthly income support. You can keep the details for submission when you have the criteria for application.

1: Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless EBB program is one of the best Lifeline wireless services known for great work in the western area and continuously serving thousands of families with free government cell phones and wireless services. They offer a one-year manufacturer warranty that allows you to have a replacement for a free phone in case of damage. Assurance Wireless operations are currently servicing free mobile phones in California.

You can reach Assurance Wireless and qualify for the low-income program that will support your needs for free cell phone and also broadband services. They have multiple service operators to work on the full coverage nationwide with 3G and 4G from T-mobile, Sprint, and Nextel which are the networking brands for delivering mobile Broadband services for free phones.

2: SafetyNet Wireless

SafetyNet Wireless is a priority of many Californians as they have both the Lifeline phones and Lifeline plans for perfect usage. You can apply for mobile phone service and receive free cell phone along with free wireless services. However the free service has lower bandwidth for the basic plans in California compared to other Lifeline service providers in the USA, but it is fast and reliable with complete coverage.

The low-income consumers take advantage of SafetyNet Wireless offers that are subsidized by the Federal Lifeline program, it helps states residents to have no contract phones and no monthly bills. Their premium monthly plans have interesting offers that are lower in rates but the high speed in data for smooth surfing on the internet.

3: Access Wireless

Access Wireless is another great Lifeline provider for free phones and no-contract wireless plans with unlimited talk, text, and data. If your income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines you can qualify from your California and have a free phone with broadband services alongside to have used for data and more with the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program.

Their coverage is strong and available all over the United States, serving the Californian community to have free cell phones and cellular service for long-range communications. IT is all possible by the government Lifeline program that every state should provide cellphones to eligible people who are struggling with the financial crisis. It helps recover to the stage where every day can utilize resources to have better jobs to support their families.

4: EnTouch Wireless

In the Lifeline government assistance program, enTouch Wireless is providing eligible telecommunications services and offers free cell phones to people in need. When your application is approved then you can have it all set with enTouch Wireless service to cover up your data, talk, and text, so you don’t have to worry about the cellular network connection and stay in touch with your family and friends.

The enTouch Wireless has contracted with Premier 4G Network to deliver the high-speed network coverage over California, even though the program has coverage all over America. Proving eligibility is necessary for anyone to enroll in and take benefits of Lifeline services. The base plan as usual limited with data for each month, you can add-on on unlimited services if you need more data.

The absolute no purchase necessary program of SafeLink Wireless is bringing new customers to the platform for free benefits of broadband and smartphone gadgets. They have limited offers for smartphones but if you bring your own phone they can deliver free wireless service every month at no cost no activation fees, only to those who are eligible through government Lifeline programs.

TracFone Wireless is the carrier working for SafeLink Wireless for the cellular networks in California. They have included many essential utilities the help low-income households access high-speed data and other benefits of cellular networks. Cellphone ownership is limited but cellular network benefits are maintaining free unlimited data, text, and talk.

6: TruConnect Service

It is a joint program of government and TruConnect Service providing free cellular service and cell phones for Lifeline-recognized individuals. You can participate from the state of California and achieve free nationwide wireless service for your communications. The service rules are a bit different from other providers you can pay attention to what you want o get with the Lifeline access program.

They have to work with the Obama phones and are now joined by Lifeline services by Federal authorities to extend the vision across California. When you sign up for the Lifeline program you are held eligible for a free Android smartphone with reasonable monthly basis Emergency Broadband Benefits. You can call for details with customer care number 800-430-0443 available from 5 Am to 9 Pm PST, from Monday to Saturday.

7: TAG Mobile Services

When you consider yourself eligible for Lifeline services according to the Lifeline guidelines then you can be enrolled with TAG Mobile in California state to receive your free cell phone. It is the pioneer wireless service working in the United States alongside the government to deliver free Lifeline phone and free data with other essential services.

The TAG Mobile services are spreading over the coast of California to West Virginia, all households can have free smartphones and broadband services when living below 135% of the federal poverty level. It is the government-assisted Lifeline basic requirement that qualifies you to get benefits of free cellular data, call minutes, and free texts continuously every month.

8: Feelsafe Wireless

According to the Federal Lifeline program, Feelsafe Wireless is the recognized service provider delivering free government phones in California and they have done great service for qualified low-income customers. They have a belief that everyone should have a phone and be connected to the world. If that’s not the case how do we say that the world is a global village in practical meaning?

If you haven’t qualified for Lifeline then you can reach Feelsafe Wireless and easily file all the essential criteria for low-income families and individuals. It will advantage of unlimited talk, text, and data that is affordable on the nation’s most recognized network carriers like Airvoice Wireless based right here in the United States offers emergency services to the California community that is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G.

Types of California Lifeline Cell Phone Programs

There are two ways to participate in Lifeline programs in California for government cell phones. One way is (Program-Based) and another is (Income-Based). In any of type once you have qualified you are held eligible for Lifeline cell phone services.

Under Program-Based Lifeline Support

When you have enrolled in any of the government welfare and support programs you can apply for free cell phone services through Under Program Based Lifeline Support. They will assist your household to get free cell phone services through contracted service providers. If you have any queries you can check California LifeLine right for eligibility criteria for public assistance programs.

Under Income-Based Lifeline Support

The income-based Lifeline program checks all your household total income and decides the participation in California Lifeline support. They will be rolled out all the details like salaries, employment, wages, interest, and dividends. When you are qualified for the low-income-based Lifeline program it will declare your eligibility to get a free smartphone and cellular services through recognized California LifeLine cell phone providers.

Eligibility Criteria for Californian Lifeline Services

Universal Lifeline California is one of two Lifeline services that operate under the Federal government of the USA. The main service is under the Federal Lifeline Program and working as Federal Lifeline for nationwide qualifications. All new applicants in California will submit their proof of government assistance that can be used for the California Lifeline program and help complete the enrollment.

It all starts with signup and then you can follow several easy steps to get a free cell phone and phone service from one of the best California Lifeline providers. Below are the requirements of the program for LifeLine services in California, you can apply through any given channel when you stand on the given criteria. It is included for all the Lifeline operators in California state.

If you have enrolled in one of the given government programs you are eligible for Lifeline support to get a free phone and cellular network service at once. But remember your household income must be under the California LifeLine income limits of below 135% which is regulated by the Federal Poverty Guidelines Associations.

Government Programs of Welfare and Support in California:

  • Eligible as Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefits.
  • Have participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (that is CalFresh, Food Stamps).
  • Participate in Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • National School Lunch Program (NSL) or Free Program Participant.
  • Qualified in Federal Public Housing Assistance or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  • Food Distribution Program on Reservations and Tribally Administered TANF.
  • Have connected to the Low-Income Heat and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  • The user of Welfare-To-Work (WTW) or Greater avenues for Independence (GAIN).
  • Applied in California Work Opportunity, Stanislaus County, or Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs & StanWORKs).
  • Facilitate within any of the Children, Women, and Infants Programs (WIC) and recognized Medicaid user (Medi-Cal).
  • Tribally Administered Head Start for low-income qualifications.

By applying to the service fill out the details on each of the provider’s web pages and send your zip code to mailing, they will check your eligibility for the Lifeline program. Once you have found eligible then you are qualified in the given programs that will get you a cellphone and broadband network facilities that are continuous without any charge on monthly basis.

Limitations of California LifeLine Household Incomes:

The given list is described all the low-income household criteria for participation in any of the government income support programs that are relative to Federal Lifeline programs in California. The given income guidelines are static and declare eligibility for all households in Lifeline programs once you have stood on the criteria limits.

  1. Number of Persons in Household: Income in Total Amounts
  2. One or Two Members: $28,500
  3. Three Members: $33,100
  4. Four Members: $40,300
  5. More than Four Members: $7,200 for each additional person.

The Conclusion

We have also included ReachOut Wireless, but unfortunately, they have lost the business contract and could not continue the Lifeline support program, even though they are the first to bring Lifeline services to California. However, you can still count on Eight Best California Lifeline Cell Phone Providers. They are trusted for free cell phones and offered by the different operator’s monthly basis broadband cellular network plans. Even though you have qualified for free mobile service the add-ons are always there to help you add more data for little pricing over the existed Lifeline Plans. They are the best cell phone providers in California for lifeline customers. If you qualify for this government program, you apply for the free phone and check other facts from our recommendations above.

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