AirPods Microphone Muffled Sound: 5 Fixes

AirPods Microphone Muffled Sound: 5 Fixes

When you record a voice memo or call your family, the AirPods microphone muffled sound, resulting in a loss of conversation because the other end is unable to hear what you’ve said. The situation worsens when it occurs during business calls, Facetime with relatives, and live conference sessions when learning or teaching online classes. These situations disheartening AirPods users because the Apple AirPods microphone sound muffled at some points. However, I have a number of fixes, but first, you must determine what is causing the issues, whether it’s derbies, phone battery, audio drivers, or water damage. Each has an effect on wireless headphones to reduce efficiency, and having a problem that causes panic.

Yes, there are a number of fixes for muffled voice during calls, and how you fix a muffled AirPods microphone, you will learn everything in this article. Even the most advanced Bluetooth headphones or wireless headsets may malfunction; this is not due to technology being dumb and careless or being unable to predict what is happening to the device at the time it begins to malfunction. However, there are ways to manually check up on AirPods to have proper look for solutions and know the reasons why Airpods microphones are very quiet or distant.

Here we have discussed the microphone on AirPods not working problem that sounds frustrating at first but making it solves will bring joy to your life. If you have issues with AirPods sound muffled when listening to music, this could be fixed with a different solution that you can check.

But for the AirPods mic muffled there are several ways to tackle the situation and you are going to have them all listed in the section below, where I’ve discussed the possible fixes for the AirPods microphone muffled.

AirPods Microphone Muffled Sound

Even though Apple wireless AirPods have an IP rating ranging from IPX1 to IPX4, they are only resistant to water drops and splashes while also providing sweat protection, making them an ideal companion for joining and gym exercises. However, it also implies a lack of IP rating for rainwater, indicating that such actions could not be tolerated and result in either AirPods speaker sound muffled or AirPods Microphone sound distortions.

5 Fixes To Solve AirPods Audio Mic Muffled

We use AirPods to conduct various businesses, communicate with others, listen to audio files, and even record ourselves for memos, and audio journals, and occasionally make a microphone recording for self-reclamation on specific topics. However, before concluding that the situation is hopeless, I’m confident that there isn’t much of a major issue that could cause you trouble; however, checking on every possible scenario is important to have a report for possible reasons.

Fix 1: Getting Rid Of Dirt And Clog From Your Airpods Microphones And Speakers

Getting Rid Of Dirt And Clog From Your Airpods Microphones And Speakers
Getting Rid of Dirt and Clog from Your AirPods Mic’s

It’s extremely inconvenient to be on a call with your microphone muted. This is something that can happen during Zoom and Facetime meetings. These issues are exacerbated by the availability of a wide range of wireless headphones, including the small AirPods. Due to a malfunctioning microphone, your conversations will be missing half of the information being conveyed.

This could be due to the clogging of EarWax on tiny microphone holes, which prevents the earpiece from picking up your voice, resulting in an inconvenient situation with your conversations and business meetings. A simple solution is to clean your Airpods and make use of a hearing aid cleaning kit to cleanse the microphone area and remove the clogging.

The issue arises when you are a frequent user of earbuds and have not cleaned them in months. The excessive use gets them dirty with sweat and dirt, and they may have accumulated EarWax that clogs the microphone holes. But, with proper cleaning, you can certainly make this fix, and here’s how.

Tools Required for Cleaning AirPods Microphones:

  1. Q-Tips (Cotton Swabs)
  2. Rubbing Alcohol (For Proper Cleansing)
  3. Tooth Picks (Scrabbing Dirt)
  4. Tissues (Better take Lint-Free cloth)
  5. Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit (Usefull for Air Puffer)

These tools will help you remove any gunk, clogging, or dirt that has become lodged inside your AirPods. The cleaning procedure is straightforward; first, soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to soften the clogging which makes it easier to remove.

Then, use the toothpick to clear out any excess clogging from your AirPod’s microphone, speaker grill, and other crecieves. After that, take a lint-free cloth and spray it with rubbing alcohol before gently rubbing the earbuds.

Allow the AirPods to dry completely before proceeding with the ‘Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit.’ It is a tool kit designed specifically for cleaning hearing devices. You can rub the microphone with the Anticer cleaning wax brush, then use the cleaning magnetic brush to remove the dirt.

You can repeat the process by using an air puffer to blow air into the microphone crecieves and then swapping the particles with a magnetic brush. If you can’t find a hearing aid, simply suck out the earwax with a straw and afterward clean the particles with a lint-free cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Fix 2: Check your Microphone Mic On The Left And Right AirPods

Check your Microphone Mic On The Left And Right AirPods
Check your Microphone Configuration for Left or Right AirPod

When you have cleaned both the Airpods and no debris or dirt is left either on the right side mic or the left side mic, you still can’t hear your own voice using the microphone recording feature. It’s possible that the settings are preventing the microphone from working. Since Apple AirPods can not work with both microphones at the same time, you can certainly use the “Automatically Switch AirPods.”

There are three settings options for active AirPods microphones. It includes, Always Left AirPod, Always Right AirPod, and Automatically Switch AirPods. The two options are rated for a single Airpod while the last option can automatically configure the right microphone for the right moment.

This causes issues when you put the configured Airpod in the charging case and inadvertently use the other one for calls, which is why you are experiencing muted microphone because you have configured a different Airpod from settings. To fix that follow-up.

  1. Go to the Settings of your connected iOS device.
  2. Then Bluetooth and Tap on the info (i) button next to your AirPods.
  3. Tap on your AirPods icon and reach the Microphone.
  4. Now select the option ‘Automatically Switch AirPods.’
  5. It will improve the clarity of your recordings made with Airpod microphones.

Fix 3: Recharge Your AirPods (Solve Low Battery Muffled Sound Issue)

Recharge Your AirPods (Solve Low Battery Muffled Sound Issue)
Recharge Your AirPods (Low Battery Issues)

When the battery is low and the power-saving feature is activated, it mulish wireless connections, disturbs noise reduction features and sometimes disables the microphones. Low battery is also the major cause of creating muffled or distorted sounds that you may have experienced with your AirPods.

The best solution for this situation is to put back your AirPods in the charging case and let them charge. If the case is out of power then connect it to the wall socket charger or lay it down on a (Qi-certified) wireless pad for proper charging.

Fix 4: Reset AirPods To Fix Muffled Sound Issue

Reset AirPods To Fix Muffled Sound Issue
Reset AirPods For New Beginnings

Even though the new AirPods bring us computational audio experiences with a speech-detecting accelerometer that works with beamforming microphones to filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice, in addition to the voice detection feature. Sometimes it gets malfunctioned and resetting is our only option when other techniques are getting failed.

You can place both the earbuds in their Smart Case and then follow up with these guidelines:

  1. Open the lid of your charging case.
  2. It will pop up a notification on your connected device.
  3. Go to your device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) Settings.
  4. Then Bluetooth and tap your AirPods (i) Info button.
  5. Here you need to tap on Forget This Device.
  6. Now you can press and hold the status button on the back of the case for about 15 seconds.
  7. If you have AirPods Pro then press down both the noise control buttons and the digital crown on the AirPods Max.
  8. You will see the LED light indicator will turn amber ‘orange’ and then settle with white color.
  9. It will reset the AirPods and you can reconnect your device for a new beginning.

Fix 5: Update To Latest AirPods Firmware

Update To Latest AirPods Firmware
Update the AirPods Firmware

This is a simple and automatic step; all you need to do is connect your AirPods to your device and let it update your earbuds. To see the current version of your Airbuds Firmware, go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the “i” icon. This will take you to the internal settings, where you can scroll down to the About section to see the current version.

Now that you’ve verified the version, put the AirPods in the charging case, connect them to your device, and charge the case with a power source (It could be a wired charger or wireless charging pad). For an auto-update, you must also keep your iPhone close to the case and connected to the internet.

It may take a while, but your AirPods will be updated if the latest firmware version is released. When it happens your phone (device) will notify you that AirPods is updated with a version number.

Fix 6: Recover Damage With Repair Works Or Get AirPods Replacement

If none of these solutions works, you’re likely looking at a defective set of AirPods, which means you need to consider repairing or replacing your AirPods. While AirPods are durable, they are still delicate pieces of technology. A minor dent may cause a fracture in the logic board, which is a fragile piece of technology that works behind the beautiful shell of the earbuds.

So, if you have a warranty, simply take your AirPods to an Apple Store near you to claim your warranty or suggest a repair. You can also contact AppleCare+ for your AirPods repairs. They cover various wear and tear, and accidental damage coverage with priority access to Apple experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Final Words

After going through all of the troubleshooting and repair steps, I am confident that you have resolved your AirPods Microphone Muffled Sound issue with the fixes mentioned. When calling with AirPods Microphone, people on the other end should be able to hear people clearly and loudly, with no muffles, glitches, or disruptions. Hopefully, my solutions assisted you in resolving the issue. Many people use Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones for business meetings and daily podcast listening around the world. This is a genuine effort to assist a large number of people in reaching this platform.

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