6 Fixes When Your AirPod Case Not Charging

6 Fixes When Your AirPod Case Not Charging

AirPods are one of the best wireless Bluetooth earphones on the market. If your AirPod case not charging or your AirPods Pro case not charging no light, you can fix that with the help of simple troubleshooting that allows your AirPods to work again with a full charge. Another indication can be through the AirPods case not charging blinking orange light which reflects the battery’s lowest levels. It is one way of saying if the case dies you won’t be able to juice your AirPods and if they do they will not charge 100%.

The low-charge issue with new AirPods is annoyingly distracting and It is a bad thing that happens to your AirPods won’t charge anymore, well some fixes could help before you take them to the Apple Store. It could be a software glitch pr bug issue or broken hardware, but we try to solve it with different techniques and know what exactly caused the problem in the first place, and apply our fixes for AirPods case’s battery health.

AirPod Case Not Charging? What’s the Issue?

What is the issue? While many individuals have reported issues with their AirPods not charging even when the charger has a full charge. If that situation with your AirPods case isn’t charging and it can’t send the battery juice to your earphones, it could be that the case is malfunctioning or that both AirPods aren’t working properly. However, the issue is discernible because when you plug it in, you see a light, and your AirPods may even charge if you put them back in the case, but when you disconnect it, they stop charging and the case remains at low battery levels.

This is mostly a firmware bug, which implies there is no hardware issue, and you are now aware of the issue. To resolve this, we can jump ahead and try these fast fixes to see whether your charger works again.

My Perceptive On Why Your AirPods Case Not Charging

My Perceptive On Why Your AirPods Case Not Charging

Before you start troubleshooting the problem with your AirPod case, you can apply these quick solutions to check whether the case is charging or not and know why your AirPods aren’t charging. AirPods are popular amongst Apple fans, but due to certain reasons, many users have faced the problem of AirPods case no longer charging. To quickly solve that issue you can apply these solutions.

Change your Lightning Cable: Mostly lightning cables get damaged and are unable to convey current to the devices, it might be worth it if you change the cables and try again. You can check the status of the light to turn on which ensures the case is charging properly.

Look for Loose Cable Connections: It is another mistake that often happens to each of us. Loose USB cables that are not plugged properly result in fatigue; the AirPod battery case not charging. Examine both the charger and the case, and if any loose ends are discovered, tighten the cables.

Plug AirPods Case into your PC: This is a simple technique, you can use your laptop ports for charging your AirPods case. Its works when your AirPods charger isn’t working to provide the necessary current to the case. It is not harmful to laptops and AirPods for casual use.

Look for Physical Damages: If there are cracks in the case of damage in the ports, this might be the root cause of your case not charging problem. You can also examine your AirPods for any indication of broken elements. It is possible AirPod case does not charge after water damage or when got wet.

Replace if Warranty Exists: You can replace faulty AirPods under warranty and get a new pair that is working and brand new from a nearby Apple store. Apple is bound to replace electronic devices that are under warranty and get faulty.

6 Fixes To Solve AirPod Case Not Charging

AirPods are supposed to be the ultimate wireless earphones. But there are times when you will run into charging problems such as the AirPod case not charging, such can be severe fortunately there are some effective methods to solve the issue without wasting your AirPods. Here’s how you can troubleshoot AirPods not charging.

1. Clean Your AirPods Case Ports

Clean Your AirPods Case Ports
Cleaning Case Ports and AirPods Mounting Space

Dust in your ports and between the mounting bridge of your AirPods is a major contributor to the not charging issue with your AirPods case. It’s the basic idea that you clean your AirPods case each month or two otherwise as we use it more often, dirt will settle down in the ports and also jam connectors that resulting in AirPods could not charge wirelessly from the case.

The things you can use for cleansing purposes are a couple of cotton swabs and static brushes along with a toothpick to firmly clean up both AirPods bases from the charging case and clear the connectors for connections. If you are aware of jamming phone charging ports then you should care about the AirPods cases and keep dirt out especially if you use them regularly.

  1. Take the cotton swabs and clean up both the left and right AirPods connectors.
  2. For the charging port, you can either take a toothpick or a static brush.
  3. Then slowly scrape all the dirt off the port.
  4. You can also use cotton balls at the end to clean up the dirt remnants thoroughly.
  5. When finish cleaning your AirPods case you can connect the charger it should charge.

2. Plug Directly into the Wall and Do Not Use Extension Cord

Plug Directly into the Wall and Do Not Use Extension Cord
Plug Directly into the Wall and Do Not use an Extension Cord

Using an extension cord could lower the Ampere’s which results in the AirPods case not charging all the way. The insufficient power supply is one of the reasons your AirPod case not charging when plugged in. You can stop using extension cords and plug your AirPod charger directly into a wall socket that should provide the rated current that is needed for charging AirPods.

Directly plugging in your AirPods is the way you can provide a sufficient power supply instead of wireless pads. If you aren’t able to reach your wall socket then try plugging it into your computer’s faster USB-C port to take out enough current to juice your AirPods case.

3. Change your Charger or Use Certified Wireless Charger

If your problem doesn’t fix with the changing connection socket or removing extension cords, then you should try a new charger, probably your phone charger that is cable of delivering fast charging. It is better to use a Quick Charge 3.0 USB adapter to power your AirPods case because it will draw more current to your AirPods case should make it charge faster and solves the issue.

4. Reset your AirPods Case

If there is a connection issue or charging problem that is not getting away, then resetting your AirPods case will vanish small software bugs to fix the issues. It can be suitable for charging errors too if you are certain it’s not the fault with either adaptor or cables then try to reset your case, it is a great troubleshooting step to solve AirPods and keep blinking orange light, and no charging.

You can press and hold the reset button present on the backside of AirPods to clear system bugs which could fix the charging process and work like new. The steps are very simple and take no more effort than using your AirPods regularly.

Steps for Resetting AirPods and Case (Troubleshooting Method):

  1. First, disconnect your AirPods from the device and make a connection forget from your device’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Then put back the AirPods into the case and close the lid.
  3. Now press and hold the setup button on the back of your case for 15 seconds until the light flashes bright orange and then turns white.
  4. After that let go of the button and your case flashes white light for a couple of seconds.
  5. The battery case should work fine and charge properly.

5. Update Your AirPods Firmware Software

Update Your AirPods Firmware Software
Update Your AirPods (Firmware) Software’s

It is the most important step when you face continuous problems with the charging case or AirPods. Then updating your AirPods case Firmware to the latest version is the way that will solve many problems including not pairing with iPhone or Android devices. The good news is Apple occasionally releases firmware updates for all its services for performance improvements and security.

Steps To Update Your AirPods Firmware:

  1. Put back your AirPods in their case.
  2. Connect a wall charger or certified Qi-compatible wireless charging pad to the AirPods case for power-up.
  3. Close your iPhone device to your AirPods and pair up.
  4. Your AirPods will connect to your iPhone.
  5. Turn on your internet connections.
  6. Navigate to Settings on your iOS device.
  7. Tap General then tap on About.
  8. After this tap on AirPods.
  9. Now check on Firmware Version.
  10. Check for updates and let them update properly.
  11. It will be quick and won’t spend too much time on updates as Windows PC does.
  12. Now you can use your AirPods with the latest firmware from Apple.

6. Replace or Repair Your AirPods by Taking Them To The Nearest Apple Store

Replace or Repair Your AirPods by Taking Them To The Nearest Apple Store
Repair Your AirPods by Taking them to the Apple Store

It is the final step in returning a broken AirPods case to the manufacturer for repair. But before you send it in for repairs, check your warranty card and ensure you have a warranty that allows you to exchange it for new AirPods for free. If it still has a warranty, you may easily get a new replacement. Otherwise, you can rely on repairing costs from the Apple Store.

When you have lost your warranty this will take much longer than other solutions, and you may have to pay a price. Even if it cost you more than usual from Apple’s repair works, many peoples suggest it as the most practical solution for dealing with the case not charging problems they face with AirPods cases.

Alternatively, you can go to the Apple store and purchase a new case, which will be more efficient than repairing your case. It depends on your preferred choices, what could get you value, and easily solves the issue. But whatever you choose one thing is certain it will fix your AirPod case not charging itself.


Even if there are various fixes for AirPod cases not charging to 100% and stuck at 0%, most of us prefer to get rid of problematic AirPods cases and buy a new one, or better yet, buy brand new AirPods Pro 2022 to leave everything behind for more reliable and efficient sound quality earbuds. This is the one decision you may make when your AirPods are old and no longer helpful to you due to regular flaws such as not holding a charge, continuous blinking orange light when unplugged from charging, and other issues. I hope you understood our solutions and were able to resolve your AirPods charging troubles and learn why it happens to your AirPod case not charging.

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